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First thing first you and your guest at all times must respect all of are professional entertainers, The person who agrees to the terms and conditions is responsible for the entertainers safety and to keep the guest under control. At any time if the dancer is being disrespected and it is not controlled by you or who ever maybe in charge the entertainer can stop or choose to end the show completely. All of are dancers are wild professionals so please don’t forget to have a great and hot time. Booking & Fees, a bank deposit can be made To ensure no cancellations.  Payment or the remainder of the payment of an Entertainer has to occur in cash on the moment he/she arrives. Once the event is confirmed by dancer and they are show ready payments are NONREFUNDABLE, The dancer then will complete the show. The deposit go’s towards the show fee and entertainmener will be turning down work on behalf of that they could have otherwise received on your scheduled date and time so all late cancellations will be a submission of the deposit made. the deposit also reserves your specific time and date of entertainment in concrete non refundable. We run a professional and upscale company. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. If at any time you need to change the original date or time of the Entertainers arrival, please do so ahead of time, are dancers work more then one show in a night so changing your scheduled date or time at the last minute or the same day In no way will booking fees or deposits will be put on hold be discounted or negotiated because the entertainer arrives late. They get there schedule early in the week. Any remaining balances including additional courtesies or miscellaneous charges such as parking, valet, etc. must be paid to the entertainer  upon their arrival and NOT following their performance. PlayTime Strippers and are dancers are no responsible for anything damaged or broken wherever the show may take place for it is your responsibility to move and clear space for are dancers to entertain. By booking, you also affirm that you understand that not ALL entertainers can accommodate ALL times, locations, costumes, theme requests etc. We do our best to provide you your top requests whenever possible but certainly provide our best available entertainer(s) for every event.  The one hour window is just a security window for the entertainer(s) in case they are running late from traffic or a previous customer’s party. If your party is for 10PM, expect the entertainer to arrive between 9:30PM and 10:30PM. You will usually get a call if the entertainers are running more than 15 minutes late.  We may reject your purchase at our discretion and reserve the right to cancel any order or refuse service to anyone at any time. Please note that once the dancer arrives, the scheduled time will begin at that time (ie 30 mint/60 min) begins.  Dancers are not obligated to wait for party to begin or due to party being late.  For example, if dancer is scheduled for 9:30PM and they arrive at this time, however, the party is late and does not begin until 10PM, the dancer is only obligated to stay up to another 30 minutes if booked for the hour.  No exceptions!  California Law requires that everyone attending an event or using this website with exotic entertainment, strippers, exotic dancers be 18 years of age or older. To ensure that we up hold the law, we ask that the person reserving the entertainers enforce this policy. However if an individual looks underage the entertainer has the right to and will request valid identification. If the individual cannot provide proper identification they will be asked to leave or the performer will leave with no refunds given.  By paying an Entertainer for the event, you are confirming that the correct services have been provided and that you are satisfied with the services provided. Any concerns you have after paying the Entertainer have to be taken up with the Entertainer on the night of the event and not with Playtime Strippers.  PlayTime Strippers is not liable for the refund or receipt of any payments made in cash on the night of your event.  Entertainers are accustomed to making parties a surprise. Just indicate what you need him to do in the special notes and request section of your online order so he can make it the best surprise possible.  If you need to make an adjustment to an existing order please submit your changes with at least a minimum of 72 hours notice before your party to ensure that the changes can be made, accommodated and additional cost will not incur. Any last minute changes under 72 hours from your party date & time that are made that change the specific party date, time, location, or change of your dancer can not be guaranteed because the dancer may not be able to accommodate or be flexible with such short notice. If your dancer is unable to accommodate your under 72 hour changes and it causes you not to have a dancer at all then you are responsible for base pay to the dancer you picked for booking up his/her time slot where he/she could have had one or multiple other parties elsewhere.  When you book online please provide your special notes and request and we will try our best provide your top three costume requests. Common request are Cop, Fireman, Cowboy, Construction Worker, Military, Chippendale, Hip Hop, Thug, Security Guard, Jail Inmate, Waiter, Nerd, Doctor, Nurse, Biker, Leather & Chains, Hotel Manager, Pizza Delivery, Businessman, GQ, 50 Shades of Grey, Punk Rocker, Dancing Bear, Maintenance Man, Angry Neighbor, etc. If your request is outlandish or extraordinary (Mr Potato Head, Bin Laden or any other ridiculous act you come up with) and a “must-have” please be prepared to provide the costume or pay substantial additional charges ($150+) for the entertainer to purchase, prepare and perform in that costume.If your request is outlandish or extraordinary (ie any abnormal act you come up with) and a “must-have” please be prepared to provide the costume or pay substantial additional charges ($150+) for the entertainer to purchase, prepare and perform in that Due to last minute changes, cancellations, illness, etc, Playtime Strippers may replace/substitute a Entertainer which was selected by the client for the event. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences [look, dress size, bust size, etc]. If possible we’ll try to inform you of this change as soon as possible. In case of substitution, Playtime Strippers will not give a refund or any other compensation.  PlayTime Strippers only engage the service of independent contractors. The exotic dancers/strippers are responsible for their own liability insurances. In case a contractor causes any damage, it will be a legal matter between the client and the contractor. PlayTime Strippers can not be held responsible. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure adequate levels of public liability insurance exist to cover all contractors used at their location. Please note: Playtime Strippers is not reliable for any loss or liability that may incur, not limited to personal injury and/or loss, of property.  PLEASE NOTE: We cannot be held responsible for acts of nature (tornadoes, thunderstorms, etc.) or traffic accidents that may make our entertainers late or cause us to cancel the show. If this should occur, though, we will make every effort to provide you with the entertainment you booked within a reasonable amount of time.  We cannot and will not be held responsible for wrong times, poor directions, incorrect addresses, or any other incorrect or incomplete information that may alter your show in any way. If this is impossible, we will forego any arrangements you have made with PlayTime Strippers and refund any and all payments that may have been made previously in full.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the stripper you choose will be the dancer that shows up due our high call volume and online booking. These girls and guys are in hot demand! We do guarantee that your dancer will be real sexy and pretty and a professional dancer! Thank you for understanding.”  We cannot be held responsible for any refunds if your show is interrupted or ceased by law enforcement, getting kicked out of your hotel room, house, boat or bus for any reason. We do our very best to deliver your entertainment on time, however, bad weather, bad directions, accidents and driving distance may play a part in the punctuality of our delivered entertainment. Therefore, a 90-minute allowance each side of your time window will be given for delivery times should any of these unforeseen circumstances occur.  Last Minute Bookings When booking a same day appointment, you must provide a 3 hour time period for your party. An additional charge will be incurred for last minute bookings within 24 hrs.  The dancer may arrive anytime within the 3 hours that you specify. If you call to cancel the show after we have booked it, there are no refunds. Booking in advance will ensure you get the entertainers of your choice. Since schedules fill up quickly for our entertainers, it may affect the chances of you receiving the stripper you want if you order last minute. If you create a charge-back with your credit card company, we will be forced to use a collections agency to recover the charge. You will be responsible for all fees associated with collecting any payment due.  Party Responsibility To help avoid any problems during the show, it is in your best interest to delegate someone; the best man, party host, homeowner, etc., to help maintain the crowd and handle any rough play, fights, or unruly behavior. This is very important because any such problems may endanger your party and force us to cease the show and withdraw our entertainers immediately. Our entertainers are top notch and should be treated accordingly.  The entertainers are guests that you are inviting into your home or at your private party so treat them with the appropriate respect any special guest deserves. Entertainers are allowed to terminate their shows and performances at any time if they feel abused, harassed, endangered, or uncomfortable in any way, shape or form due to you, your guests, attitudes, environment, premises, fear, safety, lack of involvement, lack of tips etc. In the rare instance the entertainer feels the need to end early no refunds of any kind will ever be issued. As much as the entertainer has an incentive to show you a good time, it is just as much your responsibility to ensure the entertainer is as accommodated as any special guest at your event should be. It is the responsibility of the host or hostess to make sure that everyone at the event abides by these rules and regulations and the event location is conducive to having an entertainer perform.  Also, have a minimum of 10 party guests or more, as this will effect the amount of tips paid to the Entertainer.  Have an area for the entertainers to get dressed or into costume if they do not arrive already dressed out. Please have a stereo with a CD player and some of your favorite music for the show if the dancer does not have his/her own music or stereo. Be in charge of keeping your guests respectful of the entertainers so that they can do their job. Be cooperative and treat the entertainers with kindness and respect. Participate and enjoy the party with your guests.  Have a designated parking spot for the dancer closest to event location.  For safety reasons, as well as equipment dancer will need to bring, please sure to have a designated parking spot for all dancers.  This is mandatory and will prevent any issues.  You cannot touch an Entertainer, unless you are invited to do so.  If any of the entertainers feel they are touched inappropriately, or physically/verbally abused, the show will be ended immediately and offenders prosecuted to the full extent of the law! If any personal items belonging to our entertainers are broken, stolen, or damaged, it will be the customer’s responsibility to repair or replace the damaged item.  If a stripper is accompanied by personal security, you’re not allowed to refuse the attendance of this person. Any misconduct, verbal or physical abuse during the event/show towards the model/dancer is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If the model/dancer feels they are being mistreated they have the right to leave the event right away. No refund will be provided..  There is a possibility that we require you to provide a changing room for the stripper. Please inform us in case you want the stripper to be in costume upon arrival [eg. in case of a surprise act].  No abuse or throwing things at entertainers – please respect them.  Entertainers are NOT allowed to provide you with any contact details or phone numbers – SO DON’T ASK!  Tipping Customary tipping for an entertainer at an average party, is at least $20 a person, which normally is not a problem for most parties. As the person booking the party you owe it to the entertainer to just simply make sure everyone is prepared with tip dollars prior to his arrival.  Their performance is largely dictated by tips so in order to receive his best performance and the maximum amount of time, this is what we recommend.  Our clients are generous tippers and that allows us to provide the highest quality entertainers.  Tipping is not included nor is change an Entertainer’s prop, but is required for the strippers to perform a great show.   Some entertainers may charge for things like pictures, lap dances, whip cream shots, oil shows, games, etc.  Just make sure that all the party guests have tipping money on them to ensure a better party.  Should the show be altered or stopped by either party due to unfortunate circumstances, Playtime Strippers must be notified during the show immediately in order to try and rectify the situation or so that you may be considered a full or partial refund should that be the case. Our main concern is maintaining a safe work environment for our entertainers, finding a solution to the problem and give the go ahead to resume your show.  Photography & Video Cameras, videos and mobile phones recording of a Entertainer is NOT allowed. Unless an explicit permission from a Entertainer is received but it’s ultimately at his/her discretion. If your guests are respectful and tip well then he/she will probably be more likely to allow it. At the very least you will have an opportunity for photos before or after their performance if not during. Any photos shared with Playtime Strippers on social media, online or distributed.  A copy of photos from the show may be requested by the entertainer or Playtime Strippers at anytime and failure to provide photos may constitute in a law suit or criminal charges pressed by the dancer or Playtime Strippers  All entertainers’ photographs, other photographs, images, logos and text appearing on this webpage and subsequent web pages are protected by copyright and are the property of Playtime Strippers or the specific entertainer. Redistribution or commercial use by anyone other than Playtime Strippers is prohibited without expressed written permission.  This does not apply to any copyrighted materials on this Website that are owned by third parties. You are solely responsible for determining whether and under what conditions you may download, print, or otherwise use the copyrighted material of third parties. ‘  IF ANY of the rules are broken or our entertainers feel unsafe, they are permitted to leave at any time without notice!  There will be absolutely NO refund given so make sure all attendants are aware of rules beforehand.  Some entertainers may have additional rules to suit their individual requirements.  Party Buses Entertainers perform on party buses all the time. You just need to make sure that his/her pickup and drop-off location is the same so he/she can be back at their vehicle. After picking the entertainer up, drive around or park in the general area so he/she can quickly be it back at their vehicle when you all are done. A $25 additional fee may be requested from the dancer for party bus shows.  In case the pick up and drop off location of your function is not the same [eg Party Bus/Boat Cruise with a destination], you are required to cover the costs of taxi/ferry for the Entertainer’s return journey. Inform us if this is the case with your function, otherwise we’ll charge the costs on your credit card, plus an extra 10% fine.     Hotel Room Parties Entertainers perform at hotels a lot of the time. You probably won’t know your room number until you check in so you will be contacted hours before your party to get the room number. You then can either have him come on up or come down to meet him in the lobby to keep the surprise.  Please make sure you are in communication with the Entertainer, otherwise they have the right to cancel or leave without notice and the entire cost of the show will be nonrefundable.  Guys At The Party Some of our male entertainers perform for female audiences only. We do have a select handful of entertainers that perform for the gay community, mixed crowds or if males are present. If men are present during a straight male stripper show the entertainer has the right to refuse performing for the party. This is non-negotiable and non-refundable if the person responsible for booking does not disclose in full detail ahead of time that it is a gay or mixed crowd party the performer is performing at.  Couples or Private Shows Some of our entertainers do perform for couples or private shows. Entertainers charge $150 extra in these situations because tips are usually not very plentiful. Tipping is still mandatory through the show to ensure the longest and best performance.     Discount For Less Time Please notice that on the website, the 60 Min Time Limit option is not necessarily for an hour but it’s for “up to an hour”. So whether it’s a five-minute stripper-gram at a doctor’s office or if it’s a full hour long party, its the same price.  When clients request shorter performance times we can safely assume that the entertainers tips are going to be less. Because of this, there are no discounts for shorter times. Your booking fees largely covers admin, processing your order, scheduling it, assigning it, confirmations, entertainer drive time, gas etc. It doesn’t make much difference to the entertainer if he dances for 10 minutes or 60 minutes because his tips are often relative to his performance time.  Travel Charges / How Far Do Guys Travel Wherever they need to travel to is normally fine. There are normally no additional travel charges if the party is within the city or immediate metro area.  For out of town parties, travel charges are calculated at a rate of $1.25 per mile from downtown, to your ZIP, code according to Google Maps. This additional amount is due in cash upon his arrival in addition to the $100 remaining balance. If your event is over 200-250+ miles from downtown also be prepared to pay for airfare as well. If your event is a significant distance from downtown feel free to contact us via e-mail for clarification or any questions.  DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY OUR COMPANY DOES NOT AND WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PROVIDE, SOLICIT, PROMOTE OR ENGAGE IN ANY PROSTITUTION, ESCORTING, OR ILLEGAL OR SEXUAL SERVICES OR ACTS. ALL SERVICES OFFERED OR PROVIDED ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND OFFER NO ACTUAL SERVICES OR ACTS OF AN ILLEGAL SEXUAL NATURE OF ANY KIND.   We do not provide any sexual services of any kind. Please don’t ask our contractors for sexual services as you can offend him or her. PlayTime Strippers  is an adult entertaining company that provides exotic dancers for private and corporate events. It’s the client responsibility that all guests of the function are informed about our terms and conditions.  We strictly prohibit escort and massage services and any such services will never be an option. Our forte will always be the offering of the best quality stripping. We do not put up a phony front to engage in illegal activities, so if that is what you are in search of, please look elsewhere. WE STRICTLY PROHIBIT THE USE, PURCHASE, OR SALE OF DRUGS AND PROSTITUTION.  Our Entertainers do not use or sell drugs, or engage in prostitution of any kind. If that is what you are looking for, please look elsewhere. We do not engage in this activity.  THIS IS NOT AND ESCORT SERVICE NO ONE ON ONE SHOW AT ALL DON”T ASK THANK YOU  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the stripper you choose will be the dancer that shows up due our high call volume and online booking. These girls and guys are in hot demand! We do guarantee that your dancer will be real sexy and pretty and a professional dancer! Thank you for understanding.”  We are not a strip club. We are better than a strip club!- – -We bring the Vegas party to you at your location.  WE ARE NOT A SEX PHONE LINE If we receive a call that involves lewd and lascivious questions or the use of any such language, we will not engage in a conversation and will discontinue your call immediately. Further legal action will be taken if deemed necessary.  WARNING!    We prosecute fraudulent CREDIT CARD USERS.  If you are considering credit card fraud/charge-backs with our company, best be thinking again! Besides us charging you an additional $35.00 per charge back, we will prosecute you to the absolute fullest extent the law allows. Also … credit card fraud is a felony punishable by heavy fines and jail time. Then there is the civil court ….Don’t even …….  As a member of the Anti-Fraud Coalition, this service is committed to putting a stop to fraudulent credit card and check transactions. In the past, our industry has been plagued by “thieves” who attempt to defraud  by ordering services on their credit cards and then lying to their credit card companies by saying they did not do the call and refusing to pay the charges. All too often even nice guys/girls who intend to pay would buckle under the pressure of their wives/husbands questioning a charge on their statement, and claim not to have called to avoid angering their spouse. Because of situations like these, our industry is charged higher processing fees by the credit card companies, and until now had little way of fighting back against this fraudulent activity. But credit card fraud, as well as check fraud, is a serious crime in the U.S., and with the help of the Anti-Fraud Coalition, services like ours are banning together to share information about these thieves, and put a stop to them. We have enlisted the aide of a nationwide collection agency who will pursue these criminals and either collect on their accounts, or surrender our phone company records and transcripts to the FBI for criminal investigation. Together, we want to rid our industry of these problems so our main focus can always be providing entertainment and great customer service to our valued clients. We hope you will enjoy calling on our service for many years to come!  Please remember that our service will be billed as PlayTime Strippers on your credit card statement. If you ever have a question about a charge on your statement, you may contact us below.  PlayTime Strippers will not be held responsible for any accidents or incidents that may or may not occur with any of the contractors/ Entertainers booked through Playtime Strippers. PlayTime Strippers is purely a booking agent for the Entertainers. Any accidents or incidents that may or may not occur will be dealt directly with the Entertainer and the entertainer is responsible.  Entertainers are not employees or contractors and are only being referred to you by us for the agreed-upon booking fee. PlayTime Strippers, its affiliates or websites makes no claim as to the character or background of the entertainers and therefore you agree to hold Playtime Strippers and its affiliates harmless and releasing all parties from all liability. You also hereby release and covenant to hold harmless and not to sue Playtime Strippers, its owners, managers, officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents and contractors, entertainers, assistants, security guards, drivers etc. from any and all present and future claims resulting from theft, ordinary negligence, personal injury or death arising as a result of utilizing our site services and/or entertainers. You hereby voluntarily waive any and all claims resulting from ordinary negligence both present and future which may be made by family estate heirs’, assigns, or client.  This website is provided “as is” and “as available.” Your use of this website is at your sole risk. PlayTime Strippers does not warrant that the content of this website is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. To the full extent permitted by applicable law, Playtime Strippers disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. Playtime Strippers does not warrant that the operation of this website is reliable or error-free or that transmissions from this website are free of viruses or other harmful elements. PlayTime Strippers will not be liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of this website, including direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential, and punitive damages.